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Food: Tea Time @ TWG Tea Boutique, Sunway Pyramid

First of all, TWG Tea is an international tea company pioneered in Singapore. They have a wide variety of high quality tea (literally a menu just for their tea!). Not to mention having a beautiful ambiance (as I am an aesthetic freak) and luxury tea drinking experience. They have a few branches around Malaysia which are at Pavilion KL, KL International Airport, Gurney Paragon Mall, The Gardens KL, Sunway Pyramid and more to come. They initially had their first outlet in Pavilion KL, then opened more outlets around KL as they became more and more popular. Lucky for us, there are outlets outside Pavilion, as it is always a hassle to get to Pavilion with all the heavy traffic and exorbitantly high parking rates.  A couple of weeks back, after hearing good reviews about TWG Tea from my friends and reading about it online, I was craving for some fancy tea time indulgence. As Sunway Pyramid had the closest outlet from my home, I decided to give it a try. My first impression was  that the