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Food : Nasi Lemak @ Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery

In conjunction with an assignment I had to do on nasi lemak, a group of friends and I went on a hunt for some delicious nasi lemak. We came across some places with fairly good nasi lemak but we found one in particular that has amazing nasi lemak! This place we speak of is no other than Serai. Serai has a mix of  Malay, Western & Fusion dishes on their menu. With that said, most people who visit Serai in groups will not find it hard to pick dishes that satisfy everyone. This restaurant is also one of its 5 outlets in Malaysia. The other outlets are located in Pavilion (KL) , Paradigm Mall (PJ) , Shaftsbury (Cyberjaya) and in Jaya Shopping Centre (PJ). The ambiance of Serai is very chic and minimalistic. Its very cosy with optimum lighting and comfortable seating, a perfect place to catch up with a friend. I love how they have decorated this place by incorporating plants and each table has a small flower arrangement.  The aesthetic so beautiful!! We were shown to our tab