Its been a while since I had went on a good ol' holiday. So I decided to go on a short little getaway to Sabah. The last time I had been to Sabah I was far too young to remember anything much. Thus, this felt like I was going to explore new territory.

Day 1: I booked the first flight at 8am to Kota Kinabalu and it was a (+/-) 2 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport so I arrived by 10am at Kota Kinabalu International Airport. THANK GOD for Uber (lmao) because Taxi fares tend to be a little crazy at airports but I was able to get a RM 6 ride to the hotel.

The hotel which I was staying at was the Sutera Harbour Resort. It was a 10 min drive from the airport and I was welcomed by the lush sight of greenery as well as gorgeous golf course. The hotel is located next to a marina so there were tonnes of yachts to swoon over. My room had a beautiful view of the sea.

Day 2: I wanted to go island hopping because that's what seaside holidays are all about (Yay). There were mainly three islands to choose from which were popular. I decided to go to Manukan Island.

[If u know me, I'm low key terrified of speedboats because its loud and bumpy and I'm always on edge thinking that the whole boat may flip :( ]

Thankfully, the ride was pretty enjoyable minus the fact the I had a sore butt. It took about 15 minutes to reach the island from the hotel's marina.

First sight: /gasps/ THERE IS SO MANY PEOPLE! I went on a weekend during the local school holidays, so I pretty much knew what I was getting myself into, also, there were many foreign tourists.

But what mainly got me excited was the sight of clear blue water! I was giddy from excitement and started to take a thousand pictures. (Fun fact: I almost dropped my phone into the ocean multiple times, so, my recommendation would be to have a waterproof phone case.)

I spent a good 4 hours on the island. Taking all the beauty in and enjoying the sea breeze. It was so tranquil. I felt so happy. It was the moment I realised my trip was well worth every penny because it was a little getaway from all the rush and hassle of living in the city. Also an added bonus, the cell reception on the island was weak, so, I wasn't constantly up on my phone refreshing my social feeds and missing out on the beauty of the island.

It was time for that dreaded boat ride back (Zzz) I swear it is forever scary to me. Surprisingly, the ride back was less bumpy as the other way round(?). Well, ~scientifically~, we were previously going against the waves but whatever.

Later that day I decided to head into the city to grab some dinner. KK waterfront actually has some really good restaurants and bars. I walked along the pier and towards the night market (located next to the waterfront) which was really busy at 10pm (well it is technically a night market lol). Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the shopping mall because I was sleepy from all the activities I had done throughout the day.

Day 3: It was my last full day here. I had told myself that, today I will indulge in a little bit of retail therapy. So I got up early and grabbed some breakfast at the hotel buffet. I then proceeded to walk around the resort and found out there was a bowling alley so little me got excited once again and went for a few rounds of bowling.

After that, I took an Uber to Imago Shopping Centre, which is the biggest mall in Kota Kinabalu. A lot of international brands as well as local brands were available. It was enough to satisfy my shopping needs. From the little I remember from Kota Kinabalu back in the day, it was not as developed as it was now, which is such a beautiful thing to see. I always am at awe with the progress cities can make over a decade.

(P.s. I basically the whole day there which is both a good and bad thing; good because it was fun but bad because I was wasting time when I could have been out enjoying the rest of what Sabah had to offer)

The next day involved me waking up late and rushing to the airport, almost missing the flight and waiting in long boarding queues in the airport. But, hey, I survived (lmao).

All in all, the entire trip was relaxing and wonderful. I had a really good time there and would definitely revisit in the future. Beautiful hotel, friendly people and generally a great environment. Writing this post truly makes me have holiday withdrawals, but oh well, more is yet to come, am I right? This year I've been really enjoying travelling. Hopefully I'll be blessed and lucky enough to do more of it soon.

Till next time, Sabah.



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